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China: meat imports increase by 60% in 2020

China, the world's largest meat buyer, ended 2020 with a 60.4% increase in imports of animal protein.
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Brazilian agribusiness hits $ 100 and negotiations with OM remain heated

Brazilian agribusiness exports continue to stand out and in 2020 hit the mark of $ 100.81 billion.
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Bird flu leads to the slaughter of thousands of birds in Europe and India

Avian influenza continues to bring damage to several countries. In Europe, France and Germany the slaughtering of thousands of birds are an attempt to contain the virus, and in India, six states have reported cases of two subtypes of the Influenza A virus (H5N1 and H5N8) and slaughtering has also started.

KITGarra announces China’s office

KITGarra takes an important step further in its expansion project. To serve Chinese customers more efficiently, the company announces its Shanghai office.
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Brazilian beef exports reach 2 million tons for the first time

Brazilian beef exports hit a record in 2020. For the first time, the country surpassed the mark of 2 million tons.
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Brazil: chicken production costs rise 41% and pork 50%

According to data released by the Embrapa - Poultry and Pork Intelligence Center, costs for producing chicken and pork in Brazil had a strong increase in 2020.
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Philippines reopens market for Brazilian chicken

This week the Philippine Department of Agriculture issued a memorandum on the total lifting of the chicken meat embargo from Brazil.
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Brazil announces national vaccination plan against Covid-19

One of the main suppliers of animal protein and an important origin of the products sold by KITGarra, Brazil this week announced the National Plan for Operationalization of the Vaccine against Covid-19.
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China increases imports and closes November with 775,000 tons of meat

In the penultimate month of 2020, China imported 775 thousand tons of meat, 1.8% more than in October.
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Brazil: November ends with increase on shipments of all proteins

Brazil remains one of the main world suppliers of animal protein and the numbers indicate this importance.
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Saudi Arabia suspends meat imports from Turkey

Imports of meat, eggs and other products from Turkey have been suspended by Saudi Arabia.
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France stops supplying poultry meat to China

This week, France voluntarily suspended exports of poultry meat products to China.