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Russia reapproves meat imports from nine Brazilian Slaughterhouses

results of laboratorial testing, re-opened the Russian market for Brazilian beef and pork meat.
Brazil and World

Brazilian Chicken Slaughterhouses have been operating at a loss

In accordance to Embrapa, the Brazilian Organization of Farming Research, the chicken slaughterhouses are running again with reduced profit or with losses.
Brazil and World

Missions: New Markets and New Business Opportunities

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, through Circular 185/2018 / DHC / CGI / DIPOA / SDA / MAPA, announces that Brazil is authorized to export Frozen Pork to India. All refrigerators with general list are fit for export.
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Kit na Sial Paris 2018

21 - 25 October

Kit estará no pavilhão 6, corredor A 203, em Paris, na França, com seu estande para visitações e negociações.