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Europe faces bird flu outbreak

Bird flu continues to cause damage in Europe. According to Reuters, millions of birds have already been slaughtered and economic losses are significant. So far, the disease has been found in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland.
Most cases occur in migratory wild birds, but outbreaks have also been reported on farms, resulting in the death or slaughter of at least 1.6 million chickens and ducks. The largest European exporter of chicken and eggs, the Netherlands lost almost 500,000 chickens. On a single farm in Poland, more than 900,000 animals died.
The disease also strongly hit Russia, which lost 1.8 million birds until October, and Kazakhstan, which recorded the death of 1.6 million animals.
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China: meat imports increase by 60% in 2020

China, the world's largest meat buyer, ended 2020 with a 60.4% increase in imports of animal protein.
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Brazilian agribusiness hits $ 100 and negotiations with OM remain heated

Brazilian agribusiness exports continue to stand out and in 2020 hit the mark of $ 100.81 billion.
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Bird flu leads to the slaughter of thousands of birds in Europe and India

Avian influenza continues to bring damage to several countries. In Europe, France and Germany the slaughtering of thousands of birds are an attempt to contain the virus, and in India, six states have reported cases of two subtypes of the Influenza A virus (H5N1 and H5N8) and slaughtering has also started.

KITGarra announces China’s office

KITGarra takes an important step further in its expansion project. To serve Chinese customers more efficiently, the company announces its Shanghai office.