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Thailand authorizes importation of Brazilian beef

Five Brazilian slaughterhouses were authorized to export beef to Thailand. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the Asian country approved the importation of bone-in beef, boneless meat and edible beef offals.
Thailand had already approved the import of dairy products from Brazil and, according to the MAPA, since January 2019 more than 60 foreign markets have already been opened for Brazilian agricultural products.
Last year, Thailand imported about $ 90 million of beef meat from around the world. Half of that total came from Australia, which has a free trade agreement with the Thais.
“Brazil continues to demonstrate its internal and external supply capacity and the quality of our products guarantees the opening of new markets. We have a strong structure, which ensures that all sanitary processes are complied with, to meet the demands of the most rigorous countries”, explains Giordano Fiorentin, Trade Marketing supervisor at KIT International.
Brazil and World

Brazilian beef exports rise 27% in July

Brazilian exports of fresh beef rose 27.1% in July, compared to the same month of 2019.
Brazil and World

Brazil: reduced supply and higher demand raise domestic chicken prices

The higher demand and the drop in production in recent months have influenced an increased the prices of chicken meat in the Brazilian domestic market.

KIT and Garra are committed to Quality Products

KIT and Garra are strategically well positioned in the world animal protein market.
Brazil and World

Chicken is the most consumed protein in the world

For the first time in history, global consumption of chicken meat has exceeded the pork and beef.