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Coronavirus: KIT and Garra changes team routine and maintains services

Employees, clients and commercial partners’ health and wellbeing is very important for KIT and Garra and, due to the unprecedented global situation of pandemic for the Coronavirus, all the possible measures to avoid contamination and to keep commercial operations are being adopted.
“Most part of our employees will work home office and we restricted business trips. The measures minimize risks to the team and clients and also, contributes to the desease control. We will keep monitoring the situation daily and adpating our job routine in order to keep the services unchanged”, explain Frederico Kaefer, CEO at KIT International.
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Beef exports reach the record in the quarter

Last week, the Finpec platform released a report with data on the commercialization of Brazilian beef
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Brazil maintains internal supply and exports

The new coronavirus pandemic will not affect beef supply in Brazil and the country will continue to produce enough for export.
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FED announces release of financial aid to nine countries

Last week the Federal Reserve, central bank of the United States, announced the release of up to $ 450 billion for nine countries.
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KIT's head office city is elected 14th best city in Brazil

Cascavel, the city where KIT International has its headquarter, was elected the 14th best city in Brazil.