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Australia invests $ 66 billion in biosecurity to prevent African swine fever

To keep African swine fever out of the country, the Australian government announced this week an investments of more than $ 66 million in a new biosafety package for 2020. According to Agriculture Minister Bridget MacKenzie, the funds will go to police, sniffer dogs and new x-ray machines.
The minister also said that if the disease enters the country, the damage to producers will be large and could decimate the pork industry. Australia has 3,700 producers and the protein market generates $ 5.2 billion a year, employing 36,000 people.
The new package of measures against African swine fever includes more than 130 biosafety officers to be launched from January 2020 on, which will be in charge of inspection of more than half a million passengers a year. New sniffer dogs will be destined for airports and post offices by July and new x-ray machines will be installed in Melbourne and Sydnei at the second semester of 2020.
In the past nine years, there has been a 60% increase in international passenger numbers at Australian airports. Shipping cargo has increased 30% and international mail items have increased by 170%.
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Pork meat has 39.16% higher export volume in June

Pork exports also continue to perform good and, according to the Ministry of Economy, in June there was an increase of 39.16% in volume shipped in Brazil, in comparison with the same month of 2019.
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Brazil: beef exports break record

Exports of beef from Brazil achieved a record number for the month of June.
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African swine fever continues to be the main influencer of the meat market

Covid-19 has been causing losses worldwide, overcoat for the meat market.
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Animal availability and external demand increase prices of cattle in Brazil

Prices for the beef in Brazil are under strong pressure due to the low availability of animals and the slaughterhouses that need to fill the slaughter scales to meet external demand, especially from China.