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Brazilian beef exports might hit record

Beef shipments have also increased and are moving to a record. In November, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Slaughterhouses (Abrafrigo), were handled 180.2 thousand tons. In 11 months, Brazil shipped 1.6 million tons of this protein abroad, representing a growth of 13% in volume compared to last year.
The Chinese market is the largest buyer of the year and imported 42.2% of all Brazilian beef, with the acquisition of 727.4 thousand tons. Egypt is the second largest customer with 159,000 tons, followed by Chile with 101,000 tons, the United Arab Emirates with 68,400 tons and Russia 65,700 tons.
Data from Abrafrigo reveal that, until November, 90 countries increased their imports while another 82 reduced. By 2020, it expects that the exports may grow at the same rate due to difficulties in the Chinese market due to African swine fever and new customers such as Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. In addition, there is still the expectation of Brazilian slaughterhouses to be enabled for the North American market.
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Brazil closes 2019 with record beef exports

2019 ended with a record in Brazilian beef exports.
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Chicken: demand expected to sustain prices by 2020

The expectations for poultry farming in 2020 are positive.
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China x US: New import tariffs suspended

China and the United States will suspend the application of new tariffs on imports that would come into effect on Sunday, Dec 15th.
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Australia invests $ 66 billion in biosecurity to prevent African swine fever

To keep African swine fever out of the country, the Australian government announced this week an investments of more than $ 66 million in a new biosafety package for 2020.