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Chicken and pork’s prices are impacted by the increase on beef’s

The prices of chicken and pork meat already showed variations in values as well. This week, from Wednesday to Thursday, the live chicken sales were adjusted by 3% in kilo in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Live swine, in this same market and period, presented a variation of 0.5%.
In the coming months, local protein supply should remain adjusted and the uptrend should continue, extending to the other Brazilian states. With this, there is also an interference in the offer to the Brazilian meat consuming countries.
“There is a higher consumption of these proteins in the Brazilian domestic market, with sales and prices above to that the slaughterhouses would receive in the foreign market. This is mainly due to the replacement of beef by chicken. Beef became very expensive in Brazil due to exports to China”, says Frederico Kaefer, CEO of KIT International.
“With the demanded domestic market, we already feel a reduction of offers and some markets are already feeling the shortage of the product. China has good prices and is being prioritized by Brazilian slaughterhouses enabled to this market. And, due to the local prices, the others are preferring to sell in the domestic market. The Middle East has already indicated a slight improvement in prices, but it is still not enough to cover other offers”, explains Diorgenes Gazola, trader at KIT International.
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Thailand authorizes importation of Brazilian beef

Five Brazilian slaughterhouses were authorized to export beef to Thailand.
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Brazil: beef production may be lower in 2020

Brazilian beef production is expected to fall by 1% compared to 2019.
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Closure of industries reduces supply and raises price of animal protein in the USA

The United States, a major supplier of animal protein to the world, continues to face problems in production.
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Chicken and pork: costs continue to rise in Brazil

The production of pork and chicken in Brazil is more expensive. In April, according to the Embrapa Poultry and Pork Intelligence Center, costs soared.