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Saudi Arabia enable eight beef slaughterhouses

The qualification of more eight Brazilian beef slaughterhouses for the Saudi market is also highlighted this week. The authorization came at the end of October, but the information was confirmed on Monday, 11th, also by Minister Tereza Cristina on Twitter, who attributed the success of the negotiations to the visit made by the Brazilian government to Saudi Arabia.
Tereza Cristina went to the country in September to negotiate the opening of the market for Brazilian agricultural products. President Jair Bolsonaro also visited the Arab country recently on October 28th.
“The recent enables from China and Saudi Arabia show the market confidence in Brazil and Brazilian slaughterhouses. With quality services and products, we can reach different countries, delivering what the market needs. We believe that new establishments will soon be enabled due to the growing external demand”, says Tiago Fugolin, commercial director at KIT International.
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Brazilian beef exports might hit record

Beef shipments have also increased and are moving to a record. In November, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Slaughterhouses (Abrafrigo), were handled 180.2 thousand tons.
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Brazil increases pork exports by 14.4% and chicken by 2%

Brazilian animal protein exports continue to rise. In the first 11 months of this year, there was a 14.4% increase in shipments of Brazilian pork and 2% in chicken shipments.
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Chicken and pork’s prices are impacted by the increase on beef’s

The prices of chicken and pork meat already showed variations in values as well.
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Live cattle price breaks record

This week, the price of beef in Brazil has risen considerably and the live cattle’s hit a record.