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Brazil: Beef presents 25% price increase

In the last three months, the price of Brazilian beef has increased by 25%. This result comes from strong external demand for the product and, according to the Brazilian Association of Slaughterhouses (Abrafrigo), the exports represent more than 20% of local production.
In addition to China, which continues to increase purchases due to the swine health crisis, Russia has increased imports with the enabling of new plants. Turkey and Indonesia are also contributing to this jump in Brazilian beef exports.
Another factor contributing to this increase of prices is the domestic demand. With the incoming holidays, Brazilian retailers anticipate their purchases to secure stocks for the season.
Pork meat
The Brazilian pork consumer market is also feeling the effects of growing demand. According to Cepea, since the live animals to its cuts, prices increased significantly in October. Monthly increases exceed 10% and annual 30%.
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Brazil closes 2019 with record beef exports

2019 ended with a record in Brazilian beef exports.
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Chicken: demand expected to sustain prices by 2020

The expectations for poultry farming in 2020 are positive.
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China x US: New import tariffs suspended

China and the United States will suspend the application of new tariffs on imports that would come into effect on Sunday, Dec 15th.
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Australia invests $ 66 billion in biosecurity to prevent African swine fever

To keep African swine fever out of the country, the Australian government announced this week an investments of more than $ 66 million in a new biosafety package for 2020.