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KIT visits Siavs to strengthen relationship with the production chain

This week, part of KIT Internationalís team visited Siavs, Brazil's largest poultry and pig farming fair, which took place in S„o Paulo. The event brought together companies and industry professionals and it was an opportunity to learn about news, exchange information and do business.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, KIT professionals visited customers who were attending the fair and also talked to other companies and slaughterhouses, in order to establish partnerships and increase the supply of animal proteins to the different markets.
ďOur main suppliers were at Siavs and, besides honoring them, we took the opportunity to find new products and solutions for our customers. The whole production chain was at the fair and being in the same environment, acquiring knowledge and exchanging information, was very important for us who work directly with the export of chicken and porkĒ, says Renato Soares Gabrich, trader at KIT International.
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Booming market and reduced animal supply support beef price

Beef prices remain heated in Brazil and, according to a Farmnews survey, from January 1st to June 10th this year the average price was R$ 306.6 per arroba, a result 53.2% higher than observed in the same period of 2020 (R$ 200.2).
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Brazil increases pork shipments abroad by 18%

From January to May this year, Brazilian pork exports totaled 453.9 thousand tons, this result being 18.44% higher than the one shipped in the same period in 2020.
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Brazilian chicken exports reach the highest volume of the year

Chicken meat exports from Brazil reached the highest volume in 2021, with 383,181 tons, and corresponded to a historic record for the month of May.
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USDA estimates 5% growth in Brazilian meat exports

Brazilian meat exports should continue to grow and, this year, it is estimated that Brazil will increase its animal protein shipments to the world market by 5%.