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African swine fever: Brazil intensifies actions to prevent entry of the virus in the country

In order to prevent the African swine fever from reaching Brazil and undermining Brazilian agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply intensified surveillance against the virus. Banners have been distributed at airports and border ports to alert travelers, and audible alerts are being issued to passengers.
Those who have visited farms, zoos, agricultural fairs, rural areas or other places with the presence of pigs and boars or that carry products of pork origin, should look for the Vigiagro counter before leaving the landing area.
In Brazil, African swine fever was eradicated in 1984 and since then the country has been declared a disease-free area. The virus does not pose risk to human health, but can decimate swine herds, being highly infectious. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) determines the animals' sacrifice when contamination is found.
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Prohibition of kosher and halal slaughter in Europe may benefit Brazil

The demand for halal and kosher meat is high worldwide and Brazil is one of the main suppliers of these proteins.
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China: enabling new slaughterhouses may reduce supply to other markets

More than 25 Brazilian slaughterhouses may be approved, in 2019, to export beef to China and this can result in a reduction of the proteinís supply to other markets.
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Brazilian is re-elected as president of Codex Alimentarius

Earlier this week, at an event held in Geneva, Switzerland, the Brazilian Guilherme Costa was re-elected by acclamation to the Chair of the Codex Alimentarius Commission
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Poultry market: better conditions in 2019

A more balanced global offer of chicken meat is driving a gradual improvement in the market conditions in 2019 for this protein.