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Positive balance for meat exports in the first days of June

Brazil can reach 112.8 thousand tons of beef exported in June. The estimation is from the consulting Agrifatto, based on the data from the Ministry of Economy. The average of the first 14 working days of the month was 5.94 thousand tons/day and this volume is 128.7% higher than in the same period of 2018.
During the analyzed period of this month, 83.12 thousand tons of Brazilian beef were shipped abroad, with an income of US$ 320.48 million. The average price per ton was US$ 3,855.58.
Chicken meat
Brazilian exports of chicken meat in nature totaled 267.3 thousand tons in the first 14 working days of June. The average shipped volume was of 19.1 thousand tons/day, a result that corresponds to an increase of almost 20% in relation to the one exported in May. Comparing to June 2018, the increase is higher than 80%.
If this average of volume per day keeps the same, by the end of the month the volume will be close to 363 thousand tons, 3% higher than last month. The average price per ton was US$ 1,615.92.
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Brazil increases the total volume of beef exports by 11%

Overall, between January and October 2019, Brazilian beef exports increased by 11% in volume, or 1.4 million tons. Last year, in this same period, 1.3 million tons were sold abroad.
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Beef: 110% growth in Brazilian exports to China

Brazilian beef exports set a new record in October and this advance is driven by China, which continues to stand out among buyers, with 35% of all volume shipped overseas.
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Brazil: Beef presents 25% price increase

In the last three months, the price of Brazilian beef has increased by 25%.
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Brazil signs bilateral agreements with Middle East countries

The relationship between Brazil and the countries of the Middle East are becoming stronger.