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Brazil: Agriculture minister defends business with Arabic countries

This week, the Agriculture, Livestock and Farming minister, Tereza Cristina, affirmed that Brazil is friend of the Arabic and Muslim countries and, will keep doing its best to keep this relationship. In the following days, she will have a meeting with 51 ambassadors from Arabic countries and, according to the minister, the purpose is to increase business with these markets.
Last Sunday, March 21st, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro announced the setting up of a new commercial office in Jerusalem, putting away the initial idea of transferring the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital city.
Tereza Cristina affirmed that this business office is a mid-term. She admitted that there is a discontent feeling from Arabic countries about the possibility of changing the embassy’s location but she said that the Agriculture ministry has to keep working to maintain open dialog channels between the markets.
“In what concerns to me, as minister, who supports the relationship, we will keep pushing the commercial cooperation between the Arabic countries and Brazil to increase and become even stronger.”
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May: Brazil increases exports of chicken meat

Brazil recorded an increase of 14.4% in chicken meat exports in May.
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USA visit Brazilian slaughterhouses to restart imports of beef

This week, US inspectors started the visits to Brazilian slaughterhouses to evaluate the possibility of restart importing beef in nature from Brazil, which have been suspended since 2017
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May is the second best in the history of poultry shipments

Brazilian exports of chicken meat in nature presented the second best ever in history, with 345,900 tons.
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BSE: OIE keeps insignificant risk for Brazil

Brazil continues with the sanitary status of "insignificant risk" for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), known as Mad Cow Disease.