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Finance solutions are part of KIT Internationalís differential

Having a trustful partner to export and import products is very important to who needs international trading services. KIT International works focused on increasing its business reliability and to improve its relationship with clients and suppliers as well.
Because of that, besides intermediating meat and vegetables sales, the company offers finance solutions to its partners. The companies who work with KIT have facilities with special terms of payment.†
†ďWe are always pursuing good results to everyone. KIT looks after all the chain, since the beginning of the production until the deliver of the products to its destination. And, for everyone to make profit in the process, we offer different payment possibilities, in order to make the whole business viableĒ, informs Sidnei Barros, KIT International finance director.

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Brazil and World

In China, KIT participates of discussions about importing from Brazil

This week, KIT International was in Shanghai, at Sial China, and was present at the delegation who travelled with the Brazilian Agriculture Minister, Tereza Cristina, to the Asian country.
Brazil and World

African swine fever is registered in Hong Kong

Six Thousand animals will be sacrificed in Hong Kong due to the first outbreak of African Swine fever in the country.
Brazil and World

KIT Team offer personalized solutions at Sial China

KIT International commercial team is in Shanghai at Sial China.
Brazil and World

African swine fever and rising US tariffs may favor Brazilian exports

The outbreak of African swine fever and the news of the increase in US import tariffs should further open the doors to Brazil's meat trade.