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KIT Partners keep their approval to export to Saudi Arabia

KIT International has the best partners to supply chilled and frozen meat to the world and this is a consequence of the good work that the company has been doing during almost 10 years. Committed to the delivery of internationally certified products, KIT keep exporting chicken meat to Saudi Arabia, even after the announcement of Saudi Government suspending some Brazilian slaughterhouses from the list of licensed slaughterhouses to export to this market.
DIP Frangos and Frigorífico Nova Araçá , KIT partners, are in the list of 25 slaughterhouses who fulfill the standards of Saudi government’s regulations for chicken meat imports. The license for exporting to Saudi is a result of a mission in Brazil, when the delegation checks if the slaughterhouse fulfills all the necessary standards accordingly to its regulations. The last mission in Brazil happened in October and visited many slaughterhouses, fowls and animal's food factory.

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Chicken is the fifth product in Brazilian shipments

The Ministry of Economy, Industry, Foreign Trade and Services released the Ranking of Total Exports from January to July and Brazilian chicken is in fifth place, corresponding to 2.84% of total exports.
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Meat: Increased exports may hurt supply

Brazilian exports of chicken and pork are expected to increase in the coming months and there is the possibility of a food crisis being already considered.
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Chicken production declines 1.5% in the second quarter of the year

Statistics show the strategy taken by producers at the end of 2018, related to poultry production in Brazil.
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Brazilian Agriculture Minister visits Arab countries next month

In September, Brazil's Agriculture Minister, Tereza Cristina, will travel to Arab countries and on the agenda is to expand exports and improve new products, as well as to develop the straight the poultry exports to the region.