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Chicken Prices React to the Domestic Market

Chicken prices have reacted positively in the last 30 days.
Analyzing the “Intercarnes” report, dated from Oct. 3rd and Nov. 7th, the prices increased by 7.14% on 3-joint wings, 8.7% on SBB, 8.11% on gizzards, and 32.14% on MDM.
The analysis is regarding the period of time at the beginning of each month when the domestic market consumption is heightened due to monthly income payments to Brazilian workers being distributed. This data is consistent from month to month and is not a result of market speculation.

Writing: KIT
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Russia reapproves meat imports from nine Brazilian Slaughterhouses

results of laboratorial testing, re-opened the Russian market for Brazilian beef and pork meat.
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Brazilian Chicken Slaughterhouses have been operating at a loss

In accordance to Embrapa, the Brazilian Organization of Farming Research, the chicken slaughterhouses are running again with reduced profit or with losses.