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Brazilian Chicken Slaughterhouses have been operating at a loss

In accordance to Embrapa, the Brazilian Organization of Farming Research, the chicken slaughterhouses are running again with reduced profit or with losses. In September / 2018 the cost of live birds reached R$ 2,95 / kg. This is the third highest value in history, keeping lower only of R$ 3,04 / kg and R$ 3,13 / kg, obtained in the fateful year of 2016.
Regarding the same period of 2017, the cost of live birds increased by 28%, affected mainly by the cost of grains and mandatory price list of freight, which was one requirement of the Truck Drivers' Strike.
Corresponding by 60% to 65% in the cost of the final product (frozen chicken), this increase on cost production deeply impacts on a company's results because the selling price is not increasing in the same proportion.


Writing: Kit International 
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May: Brazil increases exports of chicken meat

Brazil recorded an increase of 14.4% in chicken meat exports in May.
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USA visit Brazilian slaughterhouses to restart imports of beef

This week, US inspectors started the visits to Brazilian slaughterhouses to evaluate the possibility of restart importing beef in nature from Brazil, which have been suspended since 2017
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May is the second best in the history of poultry shipments

Brazilian exports of chicken meat in nature presented the second best ever in history, with 345,900 tons.
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BSE: OIE keeps insignificant risk for Brazil

Brazil continues with the sanitary status of "insignificant risk" for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), known as Mad Cow Disease.