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New strategies for the Brazilian International Agribusiness Market

The Ministry of Agriculture published, on 23/10, Ordinance in which opens public consultation in which presents document proposing strategies "for opening, expansion and promotion in the international market of Brazilian agribusiness."
With this action, MAPA promotes an integration between the public and private sector, in a sum of efforts and knowledge of both sectors, with the aim of strengthening international trade.

The full proposal is in the DOU of 10/23/2018, page 7, Ordinance 1793 of 10/22/2018.

Writing: Kit International.†
Brazil and World

Russia reapproves meat imports from nine Brazilian Slaughterhouses

results of laboratorial testing, re-opened the Russian market for Brazilian beef and pork meat.
Brazil and World

Brazilian Chicken Slaughterhouses have been operating at a loss

In accordance to Embrapa, the Brazilian Organization of Farming Research, the chicken slaughterhouses are running again with reduced profit or with losses.