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The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, through Circular 185/2018 / DHC / CGI / DIPOA / SDA / MAPA, announces that Brazil is authorized to export Frozen Pork to India. All slaughterhouses with general list are allowe to export.†

Also, between October 15 and 26, Brazil will receive an inspection mission from Canada for audits in beef, pork and poultry slaughterhouses. There will be 14 plants visited throughout Brazil. The mission evaluates the Federal Inspection Service of Brazil and, if approved, unvisited plants may require qualification for this destination. The Mission is being coordinated by ABPA and ABIEC.

In addition to Canada's mission, we will also have South Korea's inspection for poultry and pork meat in the same period. In the agenda, it contemplates all the refrigerators of pigs of the state of SC and abattoirs of birds of other states. Unlike Canada, South Korea's mission comes to approve only the plant visited.

Both Canada and South Korea are importers of pork, beef and poultry. Both countries have high levels of requirements to ensure the safety of products that will reach the consumers' table at the final destination. And again, Brazil shows the world its extremely high sanitary control and high quality of the meat produced on our lands and by our people.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.
Writing: Kit International.
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KIT team represents the company at Intermodal

The pursue for updating and brand news is continuous for KIT International. To offer the best business opportunities, with the assurance that the cargo will arrive at the destination safely and according to the negotiation is one of the main concerns of the company, that is why, to be updated about the possibilities that the modal market offers, KIT logistics team is, this week, at the 25th edition of Intermodal South America.
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