KIT is a provider of international business solutions and a global trading company, which aims to provide the best solutions for companies that are willing to do business around the world, establishing long-term relationships and partnerships abroad.

With a local presence in the most important business centers in the world, we have a portfolio of active clients in all continents, to carry out:

• Trade with the foreign market;
• Project management and development;
• Logistic services and freight agency;
• Credit analysis of international clients;
• Analysis and structuring of letter of credit operations;
• Management of foreign exchange contracts;
• International collection;
• Customs Clearance. 


The pursue for a trading company with personalized services motivated KIT International’s beginning. In 2011, the market was full of opportunities and the founder’s entrepreneurship vision enable our firsts export processes of chicken protein.

By opening KIT Trading in Brazil, in 2012, the company’s market has expanded with the new opportunities created by new suppliers, including beef and, in the following year, beef leather as well, exporting to Europe, Asia and USA.

Also, the Gulf was noticed as a potential market for KIT International, so, in 2015 KIT Middle East has been created as KIT’s branch in Dubai. Our distribution company started in 2016 in this market.

After that, with the same entrepreneur view about market opportunities, KIT decided to create two own brands. Supported by great suppliers and an amazing chart of clients, BUTCHER CHEF and AL DIAFAH were launched to the international market. Butcher Chef for special beef cuts, and Al Diafah for selected fruits and vegetables, especially for frozen French Fries.

KIT International grows up and stands out every year as an important exporter of animal protein. The company offers export and import solutions to its clients.

Today, KIT is an important link between the animal protein productive sector and the international consumer market. For trustful and personalized business, with quality of products and services, KIT is the best choice.